Monday, 14 May 2012

PhotoStory : Lumut-Pangkor Escapade

Coastal town in the state of Perak, Lumut situated about 12 km from the town of Sitiawan and the entry point to Pangkor Island. It becomes the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy. The most easiest way to reach Lumut is to take bus.It'll drop passengers at Lumut Bus Station near to the town centre, a five minute walk to the ferry jetty. 4-hour roadtrip from Klang Valley via Kuala Selangor is a pleasant experience of lush green paddy field at Sekinchan district. 
18-hole golf course view from hill top of Swiss Garden Damai Laut.
Opened in 1997, this international-standard resort offers guest an awe-inspiring retreat to nature. Surrounded by 425 acres of natural tropical rainforest and wetlands.
Hotel rooms facing Straits of Malacca and Pangkor Island. Check out the morning sunshine if you get here.

Whooping size swimming pool facing towards sea, gives you natural relaxing rhythm from sea to soothe your senses.

Our accomodation, Swiss-Court Holiday Apartment. Studio-type apartment complete with designated swimming pool and other amenities.

Interior view of the apartment. Spacious and complete with dry kitchen. Unless you can afford hotel's meal for the rest of your stay, bring some instant food because nearest outside restaurant located 13 km to Lumut town. Damai Laut resort is isolated in hill forest connected only with one poor road access in and out.

First, we checked out Lumut town. Weather is on our side, the sun straight on our head perfect for a walk around.
Lumut jetty, gateway of Pangkor Island. Return ticket cost MYR10, first ferry to leave jetty schedule at 0730 and last ferry to return is 2030 from Pangkor jetty. Talked to local, there's a controversial surrounding the issue of its foreign ownership and sucking out Perak's natural resources. 'Nuff said... you do the research.
Late lunch at nearby sidewalk foodcourt.
Overlooking Lumut's industrial and commercial port. Bearing south-west is Royal Malaysian naval base.
Another day start. Heading to Marina Island Pangkor. A man-made island provides affordable luxury freehold properties is another gate to Pangkor Island. Built on the coast of Teluk Muroh facing Pangkor Laut this patch of land first became an idea in 2000. In normal sea condition, boat ride to Pangkor Island from here is 5 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes from Lumut jetty. The fare still MYR10, because this is a private island you need to be signed up member to enjoy the 5-minute boat ride. The membership will cost you MYR10 and renewable annually.
0830 leaving jetty. Patch of heavy clouds defuse the sunlight making the sky looks grey.
Docked at Pangkor after shortrip across the sea, we rented a motorcycle for MYR20 after some bargaining took place with the friendly operator. The best way to get around the island is to rent a motorbike (if you're traveling in solo or duo) or rent a car. No taxi cab available here, only pink colored van can be chartered for 2-hour island trip at cost of MYR40 or a one-way trip to your chosen location within the island that cost ranging from MYR5 to MYR10.

My first location on the island is Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort) situated at Teluk Gedung. A tiny piece of history, was built in 1670 after continuous and repeated attack by local warriors the garisson forced to abandon the fort that used to house and guard tin supplies by V.O.C. The fort was strategically placed facing the sea bay and the Dutch anchoring their ships to block Pangkor from Perak people. This defensive formation also alerts the Dutch against the Sumatran who use the bay as vassal at time both relation was in hostility. V.O.C had a vicious and ambitious intention to establish a control and monopolize tin trade in the region.
Did you know? The first stock certificate ever issued in this planet was by V.O.C.
Did you know? V.O.C is Dutch East India Company, considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world.
Continued my ride to Turtle Bay beach. Famous beach among local visitors. Pink van waiting passenger.
Ketapang Bay beach. Another peaceful beach lies along Pangkor Island.
Stopped at Nipah Bay village for some R&R. ABC and breathtaking views.
Short landing strip at Teluk Dalam for light aircrafts. Located north of Pangkor.
Twisty road up and down the hills on Pangkor Island.
Last stop was fishing village. Most of fishermen houses built half in the water. During high tide the water almost touches house's floor. The high tide take place in late of afternoon and will subside in the next morning.
Returned to Marina late in the afterenoon. Took some photos of its blue skies.
Take a walk around Marina jetty complex you can find Mr. Cendol, recommended! On journey return to Damai Laut, we took an effort driving upward to Setiawan to find D'Malee Classic restaurant located near Jalan Sembilang serving Thai & Western food. Must try menu and its specialty is tomyam Kapal Pecah MYR13 portion for 2 adults. Tomyam Kapal Pecah is a spicy tomyam stuffed with crab, prawn, lala, fish and other seafoods. I must say, it's an authentic thai cooking.
Spent last night at hotel's lobby. Typical retreat resort built in the middle of jungle surrounded by total darkness with visibility less than 100m, sound of crickets and wild dogs howling from distance breaking the silence.
Morning scenery.
Walk on the beach, checked out Damai Laut's private beach.
Passage to swimming pool from beach.
Flora provide shelters and shadows from hot sun above
Lunch stop at Teluk Batik's famous Restaurant Silaturahim. Managed to be here before 12, plenty of seats available, lauk pauk newly cooked. Reviews said this place will be cramped with people during lunch hour, latecomer must wait for vacant seats.
Malay's lauk-pauk
Now open to public, Silaturahim homestay.