Monday, 17 September 2012

PhotoStory : GO KL Free Ride Around City

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Yes! it's free ride around the town. GO-KL city bus is an absolutely free service to travel within Kuala Lumpur Central Business District (CBD). Ultimate reason behind this plan is to improve public transportation and increase transportation mode share for the convinience of the people as well as to reduce the number of cars entering CBD during peak hours.
Ow! that smile, truly Malaysia :)
Welcome aboard

With shopping attractions flourshing in KL, inviting comers from around the globe caused road traffic to get increasingly congested each day. GO-KL bus service initiative provides solution by allowing an easy access to public transportation in addition to what KL's public transportation already offered. Whether commuting to work or even weekender out to shops, taking GO-KL buses is an ideal option to move around this city.
Comfy as it is
GO-KL is now operational on 2 routes, namely: Green Line and Purple Line. These routes have been identified as being high catchment areas with connectivity with other modes of transport for seamless transfer. Thanks to SPAD ( I managed to get illustrations of both Green and Purple routes to ease your understanding.
The Green Line
The Purple Line

Good to know,
The daily operations from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
5 minutes frequency during peak hours
15 minutes frequency during off-peak hours
A total of 15 buses, 60 pax per bus
Universal Access vehicle (OKU friendly vehicle)
Wi-Fi Enabled vehicle
Passenger Information System

Participated in GO-KL Street Photography outing recently, had a tour around city and captured some lights. I was so lazy that day, I just stay with my finger clicking about what's inside and outside the bus from my seat.
No one left behind. This smart vehicle I must tell, very Mesra OKU
After about 30 minutes spinning along Purple route, bus stopped at HAB Pasar Seni. Must say, once or maybe still is a favorite location for street photography. Dragged my lazy legs mobilized myself under hot sunny sun and dirty emission "breeze" I got to retreat into back alleys for somewhat fresh air, maybe. Photostories...

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