Saturday, 27 April 2013

PhotoStory : Lowepro S&F Lens Exchange 200AW Is Expensive

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Hey again, in this post I'm gonna go ahead and take a look at one of the interesting product by Lowepro that I just bought. S&F Lens Exchange 200AW which I'd ridiculously paid for RM210. (Pause...) ...gosh!! Anyways, if you look real quickly it looks a lot like a Thermos case for coffee jar or hot porridge stainless steel case bag. This is a lens case by Lowepro with a great features to allow lens swapping really easy. I will show a video to help you to understand better what this lens case really does. Essentially, there are two sizes that available. One is 100AW and mine is 200AW. As name suggest 100AW is smaller version that can house super wide or standard zoom lens while 200AW would accommodate 70-200mm easily.
First, build quality and construction is what you would expect from Lowepro products. Tough and practical. Incorporated the slip lock system so it attaches to belts and harnesses.

It comes with sling strap to allow user to use the case separately from S&F modular system. Zipper with handle for single opening and closing to access the lens. What I really like is when you close the longer tab, the second tab will secure the first one which is really important because of what this is for in the first place.

Inside there are two soft dividers that basically will help you change lenses. Later a video will demonstrate how to use this to your advantage when you're doing outdoor photography.
 All weather cover to completely protect from the elements. Two side mesh pockets which are handy place for filters or lens cap.

This case comes highly recommended for those who owned Lowepro S&F modular system or if you have Lowepro Inverse 200AW (like I did) just pop it in at the side of the waist belt and you'll and extra compartment for 70-200mm. I personally would ask wedding and events photographer to get one of this.
Swapping lens using S&F Lens Exchange system.
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