Tuesday, 23 April 2013

PhotoStory : Stopover - Warung Soto Pasir Penambang

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When you're travel to Kuala Selangor via federal road, past Kuala Selangor bridge you're not that far from Warung Soto Pasir Penambang. Kuala Selangor made famous for its fishery and seafood economy for decades. Located at Batu 2 of Pasir Penambang this famous restaurant serves mouth watering and generous portion Soto that often make people to stop over regularly when traveling this road.

Ermm, that framed newspaper extract says it all guys.

Chow down time! Ordered "Special" bihun soto. Look at that! size of the fried chicken and bears noting this bowl of soto only cost RM5! So I figured, my meal never complete without one thick hot black coffee to flush oily kuah down my throat.

Hope this map will help.