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Places : DKI Jakarta to Bandung

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Some images of Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia taken in 2012. Situated in south of pacific on the island of Java, it's the capital of Indonesia the third largest city on earth. Jakarta and its surrounding area alone is home to more than 24 million people and considered to be one of the world's megacity.

Indonesia once a Dutch colony in the early 17th century. Japan occupation took place of the island from 1942 to 1945 and after Japan surrender Indonesia declared its independence. Flight was short, about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur after touched down at Jakarta International Airport T3 immediately took DAMRI Airport bus heading to Stasiun Gambir (Gambir Train Station - a major railway station in Central Jakarta). Here you can find most intercity trains operated across Java Island. This going to be my mode of transport for the next 7 days travelling along route Jakarta Kota - Bogor/Bekasi/Depok.


Approximately 0800hr local time at Mangga Besar, Taman Sari (ignore Kwitang district). I've been to Jakarta before but I never experience the real Jakarta, I never felt like I meet the people and see most of the people in the city live. In this small area of Mangga Besar morning start a little slow in pace. School children, street vendors, workers seems to take their own sweet time going about morning chores, unlike some part of Jakarta I experienced before.

A visit to Kwitang in heart of Jakarta Central. As portrayed in famous romance motion pictures "Apa Ada Dengan Cinta" Jalan Kramat, Kwitang known for its consolidated book vendors in one place. Evicted during 2009 the municipal administrator has alloted spaces for these vendors at JaCC shopping center. Quick visit at cemetery to pick up emotional remnant left behind some yesteryears ago.

Heading back Gambir Station for a train trip to Bandung. Journey will take 3 hours through slums of Jakarta, towns and hills. Personally, best 3 hours of the whole Jakarta visit.

Kota Bandung, West Java's capital. Second largest city area and third most populated city in Indonesia. Made famous for its cold temperature year-round this province surrounded by volcanic mountains. Nothing much for me here, a flash stop over to some shopping spots and headed back to Jakarta. It was 2012 and obviously people already found new spot across the sea at Binh Tan Market, HCM City :)

Monumen Nasional (MoNas), Jakarta City's icon and began construction in 1961 under direct order of President Soekarno. It was officially open for public in 1975 but during Dutch East India colonial this area known by its name Koningsplein (King's Courtyard), later to be named Lapangan Gambir when Japan occupied Java Island, what is left from that name is Gambir Train Station walks away from MoNas. After World War II ended subsequent to German forces unconditional surrender and Japanese troops retreat from Java Island, this place was called Lapangan Ikada (shorten from Ikatan Atletik Djakarta) before it was again changed to Lapangan Merdeka. To indonesian, this monument left a constant reminder of what was known as Jakarta Takeover military coup d'etat by Gerakan 30 September (30 September Movement) 1965 that ended Bung Karno era and paved way to Soharto's New Order. 7 army generals were kidnapped and 6 of them were killed.

Last stop was Kota Tua Jakarta also known as Oud Batavia (Batavia Lama) is a small district in Jakarta city. Revered by European voyagers as Jewel of Asia in 16th century, because of it strategic location Old Batavia considered as Asia's important trading center. I think it's the best thing to do on weekend in Jakarta where you can find Cafe Batavia (did visit for Western food), Museum Fatahilah and kill your time by walking around the street market. Some prefer an evening tour for culinary hunting and walkaround through historical buildings or architecturals.

Leaving DKI Jakarta and finish off my last Indonesian Rupiah at the airport.

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